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Tems cancels her show in Kenya, and the organizers are not taking her explanation



Promoters bringing award-winning Nigerian singer Tems into the country for a show have released a statement following the show’s cancellation.

The statement was issued when Tems took to Twitter and announced that she would not be coming to Kenya despite people paying to see her perform.

Hey Kenya, Honestly, it’s quite heartbreaking to say this but I will not be able to perform at the Tukutane Festival due to circumstances beyond my control. I am as disappointed as you all are but I look forward to coming and giving you a show that you deserve. Love you all”

Shortly after, Tukutane Entertainment released a statement claiming the musician cancelled the show despite her receiving full payment for the show.

Part of their statement reads: “As at three days ago, all was going according to schedule and plan. We paid for Tems in full 15 days before the performance date and to our surprise as soon as the payment was made, her manager mentioned that she is no longer comfortable coming to Kenya and just doesn’t want to perform for her Kenyan fans. We were shook, heartbroken and financially wounded.”

The statement further said that they will be rescheduling the event to a later date which will be announced later. The organisers also said that everyone who had paid for the event will be refunded.

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