The Most Expensive Belts in the World – One Can Buy You A Lamborghini

By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

Every man’s attire has traditionally had belts as an adornment, but in recent years, they have also attracted women’s curiosity, mainly because the biggest names in fashion have signed numerous belts.

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Belts have evolved to have priceless ornaments and rare gemstones attached to them.

Although there are many belts on the market today that are labelled by the most well-known fashion companies, here are the five most expensive of them in the world

5. LV Initiales 40MM by Louis Vuitton – N1,513,225

Photo: Louis Vuitton

With calfskin inside and dazzling black crocodile leather outside, coupled with a brass buckle, it is one of the priciest belts available. It cost a whooping price of $ 3,500

4. Etriviere 40 by Hermes – N2,204,985

Photo: Alux

The Etriviere is another elegant waist accessory. It is made of crocodile leather that is suitable for both men and women adorned with gold, silver, and diamonds to command a market price of $ 5,10

3. Gold by Selfridges & Co – N13,835,200

Photo: Alux

Money, a world-renowned design studio, designed this luxurious handmade belt. It is a waist gear with 18 carat gold mounted on white leather.

With a gold buckle and over 70 gold pyramids connected to the leather, this one-of-a-kind piece of men’s jewelry starts at $32,000.

2 Caliber R822 by Roland Iten – N36,317,400

Photo: New Atlas

The Swiss manufacturer Roland Iten has produced a stunningly sumptuous belt with 14 carats of precious stones. It is a collector’s item created by Roland and Bugatti. This pricey belt weighs about 90 grams.

1. Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt by Gucci – N108,087,500

Photo: Trend Hunter

Gucci, the well-known Italian fashion house, collaborated with British designer Stuart Hughes to create this limited-edition belt. Republica Fashion is the most costly and luxurious belt in the world for good cause, with 30 carats of diamonds and 30 carats of gold.

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