Video: Davido is the hardest working artiste, Akon speaks on how the singer became successful

Konvict Muzik founder Akon has described Davido as the hardest working artiste though an underdog.

Before discussing Davido’s status as an underdog in an interview with Sway Calloway, Akon revealed the former was working on becoming a rapper in Atlanta at the time when they were pushing for Thug Records.
But said he advised him to go back home to Africa if he truly wanted to make something out of music.

“Around the time we were pushing Thug record, Davido was in Atlanta trying to a rapper. Davido who is one of the biggest Afrobeats artiste of today, was in Atlanta trying to rap. I said nigga if you don’t take your ass back to home to Africa to do that music… Go to Africa”, he said.

On Davido’s status as an underdog, Akon said, it propelled the E Choke” crooner to work harder and at a faster pace at releasing records.

“Burna Boy is a beast. Wizkid is just a superstar. Davido is the hardest working artiste because he was the underdog. Mr Eazi is intelligent, he is more of a businessman to me than an artiste”

"Wizkid is probably the poster child of Afrobeats. We knew he was going to be that when we discovered him"

– Akon

"I was trying to get TPain to do Afrobeats before we started the movement in Nigeria"

– Akon

"I was trying to get TPain to do Afrobeats before we started the movement in Nigeria"

– Akon

The 49-year-old record producer said the DMW boss’ push for success was further motivated by the fact that many wanted and praised Wizkid.

He noted Davido, being from a wealthy family, also gave a boost and helped with the release of new songs and videos almost every other week.

“Davido is like the hardest working artiste, because he was like the underdog back them. Everybody wanted to be a Wizkid. Everybody praised Wizkid.

“So, Davido was the underdog. But he had the support of a wealthy family so he was able to come up every week with a new song, new video. So he just kept coming. He has more songs more than any Afrobeats.

“He beats the others with quantity versus quality. So he had his method… Everybody has their method.”

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