Man Who Lost A Bentley, G-Wagon, Range Rover Jeep and Many Other Exotic Cars To Lagos Flood

By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

Photo: DANIEL-OKEREKE/Punch news

It is the rainy season, and Lagos is one of the states prone to flood during such a season.

Daniel Okereke, a Lagos landlord, recounted his loss to the devastating flood that recently hit Mende, a Maryland, Lagos State community.

According to him, he lost his fleets of exotic cars, including Chrysler, Prado jeep, Range Rover Jeep, Escalade Truck, G-Wagon, Bentley and an E-Class.

As I speak to you now, in order not to sound immodest, I have lost at least five cars, and when I talk about cars here, I’m talking of cars like G-Wagon. I have lost a G-Wagon here, I have lost a Bentley here, I have lost a Chrysler, a Prado jeep, Range Rover Jeep, Escalade Truck and even an E-Class.’ He said in an interview with Punch.

Photo: Youtube

Daniel also said that aside from his fleets, he lost several valuables to the flood. He said, “To estimate what I have lost in this incident, apart from the previous ones that lost my cars, I will say about N8m. That’s for the furniture, the TVs, air conditioner and so on and documents. It’s just a very pathetic site to see but by God’s grace, the water has receded and I was able to use the pumping machine to pump it out. I have automated pumping machine that I usually use. The water even carried the one I was using away, I had to go and buy two new ones

Photo: Leadership

Tracing the reason behind the recent devastating flood in his area, Daniel, alongside other landlords, investigated the cause. It was alleged that construction work by Julius Berger Construction Company was responsible for the surge. 

We started enquiring, and we realised that this particular surge was allegedly due to the ongoing construction work at the Opebi Link Bridge to Maryland by Julius Berger. It is ‘alleged’ because we have not arrived at a final point with our investigation.  That was the reason for the unusual surge, according to our ongoing findings.” He said

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