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World Most Insanely Expensive Manicures – One Can Pay Your Tuition Fee At Harvard University

World Most Insanely Expensive Manicures – One Can Pay Your Tuition Fee At Harvard University

By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

Most people can afford a manicure at a salon, but only a select few can afford some of the manicures and polishes that are the most exorbitantly priced in the entire world. 

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Some of these can still be bought today, while fewer of these were ever made because they were so expensive to produce.

Here are six of the most expensive manicure products and services ever created. 

6. Litz & Glamicure: $25,000

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Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Southern California offers this exquisite nail service. It ranges from $500 to $25,000. 

Customers can choose from various service levels, such as the $500-$600 diamond-tipped Haute Couture and the $2,500-$10,000 Gold Manicure. Others include the Rush Manicure (using the $130,000 Model’s Own Gold Rush Couture polish) or the $10,000-$25,000 Glitz & Glamicure, done by jewellers to help adorn your nails with the best gemstones and diamonds.

5. Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation: $35,000

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Leighton Denny at Harrods in London offers this Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation.  The nail adornment cost $35,000 and included nine beautifully crafted carats of diamonds and gemstones.

It had only 175 people on its wishlist, including celebrities, socialites and royal family mambers.

4. The Iced Manicure: $51,000

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Cherish Angula’s manicure service outlet, Cherish…Me, offers this service.

The Iced Manicure is a $51,000 service that covers the tips of the nails in 10 carats of white diamonds. 

This service is unique because Angula and her team will now fly anywhere in the world to give their clients the famous Iced Manicure in the comfort of their own homes.

3. Model’s Own Gold Rush Couture Polish: $130,000

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Model’s Own Gold Rush Couture Polish is a unique gold-toned polish service, especially for special occasions. This $130,000 nail polish bottle is made of 24-karat gold leaf and yellow gold covered in 1,100 diamonds. 

2. Azature Black Diamond Polish: $250,000

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Azature launched Black Diamond Polish in 2012. It is a glittery lacquer that does not come in a fancy, gemstone-studded bottle. The polish is made of 267 crushed-up diamonds, and adorning your fingers with it costs $250,000.

1. Azature White Diamond Polish: $1 Million

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Azature noted that the black diamond polish isn’t exquisite enough.

This $1 million lacquer bottle is made of 98 carats of crushed diamonds and is covered in 1,400 hand-picked diamonds. Unfortunately, the polish is no longer available because it was a one-of-a-kind created specifically to raise funds for charity, with proceeds benefiting Lupus LA.

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