From N500,000 to N3.5 million, here’s the amount Nollywood actors earn from Asaba Movie producers

 Many have often wondered how much money Nollywood actresses make per movie, particularly those based in Asaba.

While different figures have been bandied around, contriversial Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, is making the big revelation.

During an interview on TVC’s ‘Your View’ show, Nkechi said, “A lot of people say that there is no money in movies, there is a lot of money where you decide to channel your energy.

“Like the last movie I did in Asaba, I did three movies, and those three movies were N1.5 million. N500,000 a movie. Yes, that’s how much they pay in Asaba.

“I see people say when Asaba actress buys car, buys house, “is it not just Asaba movie?” Hello?! Those people are cashing out in the East. Seriously! When I’m going back to the East now, like four producers are already asking me when am I coming back?

“Three, three, three from each movie. Na one one naira na him dey turn to one million oh! You get it? That has been my life.

“N500,000 a movie is actually not bad AT ALL. Three movies, that is N1.5 million and if a person goes on to act five, six, or seven movies in a year for N500,000, that can get up to as high as N3.5 million. It’s not bad at all. No wonder these Asaba actors are always in like 20-something

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