Why I wished Queen Elizabeth II ‘excruciating pain’ — Professor Uju Anya

Nigerian-born American professor, Uju Anya, has disclosed the motive behind her controversial tweet wishing the late Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom excruciating pain.

NewsWireNGR reports that a tweet by Anya, now deleted by Twitter, generated a mixed reaction during the week.

In an interview with a foreign-based news platform, The CUT, Anya revealed her reasons for making such wishes.

She said the late Queen Elizabeth II’s throne “represents the legacy of enslavement and colonialism and its direct harm,” adding that she supervised the British government, which caused very painful harm to her, and “the harm shaped my entire life and continues to be my story and that of the people she harmed.”

Anya told The CUT, “I was born to colonial subjects on both sides of the family — one parent from Trinidad, where the British enslaved people, and one parent from Nigeria.

“They met in England at university and moved back to Nigeria after independence in 1960. My parents were survivors of this genocide. My three siblings, two of them under the age of 10 at the time, were survivors.

“My mother was pregnant with my brother, who was born during that time; he was a war baby. This was the legacy I was born into in 1976. I spent the first ten years of my life living in Nigeria, and there was always this spectre of who was lost.

“My earliest memories were from living in a war-torn area, and rebuilding still hasn’t finished even today. Half of my family was slaughtered with guns and bombs that this queen sent to kill us.

“Queen Elizabeth was a representative of the cult of white womanhood.”

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