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PHOTOs: Nigerian woman delivers baby girl on Turkish Airlines’ flight to Manchester



A Nigerian female citizen identified as Ifeoma Nweke has given birth to a baby girl while on Turkish Airlines flight #TK1991 from Istanbul to Manchester.

According to reports, a passenger who was a doctor volunteered himself to assist Ifeoma to deliver her baby.

The doctor indicated and agreed to assist upon calls from the cabin crew who are also trained for emergency events like this.

Crew manager Hakan Do?an told local channel Anadolu Agency News that, “We followed the training we received in the first aid classes by making an announcement to see if there was a doctor on the plane. We moved the passenger to a more comfortable place on the plane and the baby was born there.”

The flight which departed Istanbul Havalimani to Manchester UK, was diverted to Vienna International Airport, where paramedics were waiting for the new mother and baby upon landing, according to a statement by the Turkish Airline reports on Tuesday.

It is yet unknown on which country’s airspace Ifeoma delivered her baby, there are suggestions that the new born baby could luckily possess an Austrian citizenship although this is yet to be confirmed. Ifeoma was on board with her husband.

After landing, the mother and baby were taken to a hospital.

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