WATCH: Olamide’s baby mama, Maria Okan, finally breaks her silence, and accused the rapper of abandoning his child

Media personality Maria Okan has taken to social media to address rumours concerning her daughter while praising herself for being able to take care of her child alone.

The OAP welcomed a baby girl three years ago, and many believed that the child she named Asaiah Monifé Maria Okanrende was for her rumoured ex, rapper Olamide.

It is alleged that Olamide gave Maria some money to terminate the pregnancy after she informed him because he didn’t want problems with his partner, Adebukunmi.

But Ms Okan has also denied the claims, “Good morning, I was never OFFERED, I never ASKED, nor did I RECEIVE money to murder a child. I heard that story for the 1st time when you all did – when I was 8 months. You say I made the wrong choice to carry life, and I should’ve opted for murder? Pele. I love motherhood”.

On Monday, September 5, Maria took to her Twitter handle to clear the air on this rumour, stating that no one gave her money to procure an abortion. 

She wrote, “Your trolling comments, death threats and insults all these years have meant nothing lol. We are doing well, we are healthy, we are making money, and we will continue to elevate.

The on-air personality, who has been silent for a while, added, “And for the record, no one gave me any stinking money for an abortion. As a mother, when you carry a child and deliver her by the Grace of God, you will know how insulting this is and has been.

“At the time those nonsense stories came out, I chose to focus on delivering my child since I had a high-risk pregnancy and a fibroid that practically exploded a few months in. But as she is safe and sound now, there’s no pressure. We thank God.”

She also shared a video that revealed that she has been solely responsible for Monife’s upkeep.
Maria said she was halfway through her high-risk pregnancy when she discovered she would be raising her child alone.
She said she relocated to the UK, started her career from scratch, and is a producer and presenter today.

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