Reality TV Star, Tacha Akide laments the humiliation Nigerians face abroad

On Thursday, reality TV star Tacha Akide claimed that Dubai is denying entry to Nigerians and sending them back home, even with their valid visas.

A day after a tweep, Dinchi revealed that some Nigerians arriving in Dubai had been detained with their passports seized. No official explanation was provided for the situation for the actions against Nigerians.

On her Twitter handle, the famous Big Brother Naija alumnus lamented the experience of the affected Nigerians, saying, “I can’t even believe after spending those long hours in transit. After paying and getting your visa and buying a ticket too.

She wrote, “Make Dubai plans, and you will just be sent back like that!!! Gosh! The humiliation Nigerians face outside Nigeria, ehn!! It is just dispiriting.

“Dubai is sending Nigerians back to Nigeria even with their valid visas!!! And ‘on top of that when you reach Nigeria!!

“You’ll be paying an additional fee of N31,000 for whatever reason I don’t even know.” Her tweets come after she posted a video stating she was in Dubai.”

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