Five (5) ways to drive your man wild

PHOTO Credit: @carmen.bridgewater/BlackLove

1. Use your Body

Brush ur body over his, move past him and make him get a feel of ur b00bs, your hands should wander to his zipper or make sure you tease his body with your body.

2. Dress for the moment

Wear something that’ll grab his attention, be sure to give him a good view of your nipples and cleavage. Wear something you know will have ur man hooked. Remember if you wanna be eaten serve clean, please.

3. Let him work in on you masturbating

Most men have this fantasy in their heads already and your partner most likely won’t walk in on you masturbating and walk pass you just like that, he’ll definitely scratch that kitty cat for you.

PHOTO Credit: AskMen

4. Send a flirty text

Tell him the nasty things u want him to do to you and the ones you gonna do to him, it doesn’t matter if both of you are together at the moment, send the text anyways and make him wowed.

5. Join him in the shower or invite him to join you

Don’t make him come out of the shower without his joystick hard with a good “headphanie” before the stroking and all.

NOTE: No good s£x without Doggy.

Source: Omo_jesu: @blexinkinging


This should not be taken as professional advice. If in need of help, reach out to experts.

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