“One Person is doing the job of 5” – Medical doctors are leaving Ondo hospital en masse

Members of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) at the Federal Medical Centre, Owo, have begun a two-week warning strike over dearth of personnel.

The doctors shut down services at the hospital after the association’s general meeting at Owo in Owo Local Government.

The President of the Owo FMC ARD, Dr. Olaopa Olutobi, said the strike was inevitable, as they were working ”under dire stressful conditions.”

He said there were only 80 resident doctors and health officers in the employ of the hospital.

Olaopa said no employment had been carried out in the hospital since 2018.

He said the hospital used to have about 300 doctors and house officers, ”but many of them have left the system.”

Olaopa said: “Now, one person is doing the job of five persons. We have been on this issue since last year. The situation keeps getting worst because a lot of people are leaving the system. There has not been any employment at FMC Owo, since 2018. Employment of additional 200 doctors and health officers will solve the problem.

The communiqué said: “We implore the management and all relevant offices of the Federal Government to ensure the employment of the resident doctors and house officers in the hospital, to reduce the

shortage of manpower and overwhelming work load being faced by our members.

“The association can no longer bear the brunt being experienced by its members and requests that recruitment of resident doctors and house officers should begin in earnest.”

“The management should provide a befitting accommodation fortified with requisite amenities for those being posted to Akure Annex and that the association executives should certify the standard of accommodation before acceptance.”

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