“Dear friend, your husband isn’t helping you” – Nollywood actress calls out women praising their husbands for doing chores

Nollywood actress and producer, Mary Remmy Njoku, on Thursday, tackled married women who praise their husbands whenever they take care of their kids and do chores at home.

The actress and her husband, Jason Njoku, last Friday renewed their marital vows to mark their 10th wedding anniversary.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, she stated that women are the cause of their problem as husbands assisting kids should not a huge deal but rather should be seen as them being great dads to their children.

She said, “OMG! My husband is so humble! He helps me with the kids homework! He even helped me feed junior yesterday! Dear friend, your husband isn’t helping you with the kids. They are his kids too. He is just being a great dad. Appreciate him for that.

“A family friend cleared his plate after eating. And his wife was showering him with praises for helping her. His own plate o

! Na we be the cause of OUR problems.”

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