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Video: Peter Obi visits Femi Kuti, promises issue-based campaign



The Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has assured afrobeat musician, Femi Kuti, that his ‘Obidient movement’ will base its campaign on issues rather than personality attacks.

He said that his campaign would be based on everyday issues affecting Nigerians and Nigeria, adding that the recent controversy was not what the movement and his ambition stand for.

The former Anambra governor gave the assurance when he visited the musician, according to a video clip online. Others present during the meeting include Charles Oputa, known better as Charly Boy, among others.

Peter Obi visits Afrobeat singer, Femi Kuti

on his Instagram page stating why he cannot be part of the ‘obidient’ movement.

Kuti had before now said, “I cannot be obedient in this country of today. Nothing can make me to be obedient. I’m too angry, too sad, too depressed to be.”

Kuti, in a video, however, cleared the air that he never referred to Obi’s supporters as zombies, as against widespread reports on social media.

The five-time Grammy award-nominated instrumentalist explained that his grouse with the supporters of Obi was the name they call themselves, Obidients.

The Afrobeats legend said his family has gone through a lot in the hands of various Nigerian governments to be ‘obidient, adding that he has never supported any political party or candidate.

Kuti had said, “I have seen insults directed to me and my family as well as the threat that they will burn the Shrine because they feel I said that Peter Obi’s supporters are zombies.

“First let’s be clear; what did I say? I said that I am too angry and sad, and depressed to be Obedient. I said, “How can anybody come up with that term? How can you be Obedient, how? I don’t see it. How can you be Obedient in this country; we have had the EndSARS, killings, my grandmother was killed, my father’s house was burnt, the oppression of my family, and I am supposed to be obedient.

“Do you know the meaning of obedient? It means if they tell you to sit down, you will sit down and when they tell you to stand up you will stand up. It means you are an obedient person. I cannot be obedient.

The saxophonist said, “I went on to say that Obi himself was friends with Atiku and he went on to be Atiku’s vice-president. So, if he was Atiku’s vice-president while they were pals. If they had won the last election they would have been pals hugging each other now.

“Did I call Peter Obi’s supporters zombies? It means I would have said that ‘all Peter Obi’s supporters are zombies’. Did I say that? No,” he added. 

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