Video: Crowd demanded a refund after Singer Kizz Daniel showed up late to a concert in the USA

Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel is currently the butt of jokes on Twitter after a video showing an angry crowd screaming for a refund and throwing items onto a stage surfaced online.

According to online reports and the trending video clips taken at a US show, Kizz Daniel was to perform at a much earlier time but showed up late.

However, the “Buga” crooner reportedly arrived 4hrs late and performed for only 30 minutes.

That did not sit well with the crowd, who wasted no time throwing items on the stage, ignoring pleas from the host and shouting for a refund.

The talented artist has a well-documented history of showing up late to concerts, and his US fans didn’t have it this time.

Since its release, social media has been abuzz with creative skits on Tik Toks, with jigs and twists to the rhythm.

Kizz Daniel, aka Vado, sold out the 02 Arena in London on Saturday, May 21, 2022. At the show, he was seen taking energetic and smooth steps to the music.

Commenting on the outing, the Woju crooner said: “After the London tour, I’ll still be on the road. I want to connect with my fans worldwide. Africa, Australia, Europe etc next follow the US tour.”

Buga has become the lead song on Apple Music’s top 100 in Nigeria. It is one of the world’s top five Afrobeats music trending globally, as Shazam also has named it the most Shazam song in the world.

Daniel said: “It’s a great feeling. When you put out a masterpiece and the rest of the world accepts it as one, that’s a satisfying feeling right there. And such encourages you to do more.”

Buga is described as a beautiful song that lifts the spirit and massages the soul effortlessly. “Buga is a Nigerian parlance. It means ‘show off’, ‘stunt on them. So, in this context, it means after you’ve put in the work, let your results speak loudly. Enjoy your success. Whatever you’re seeing out there, whatever results the song generates, that’s the result of hard work, and I’ve consistently put in my best in all my songs. Nothing good comes easy,” the artiste reiterated.

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