Businesswoman in Ilorin needs N16.5m help for kidney transplant

Mrs Jimoh, a known patient with hypertension, diabetes and SLE was diagnosed with kidney failure and said to need a kidney transplant at St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos on the 18th of January, 2021.

After 10 catheter insertions, about 80 dialysis sessions and over N20 million spent, she had a transplant on the 9th of October, 2021.

Unfortunately, the doctor confirmed the failure of the whole process two months after the surgery which meant that she would be needing another transplant.

With all financial abilities of the family being exhausted, Mrs Jimoh needs financial assistance in undergoing another surgery.

She needs the sum of N16.5 Million Naira, and N6, 737, 364 and £1259 has been realized so far. Any amount would go a long way in saving the life of Mrs Jimoh. Please donate to 2139174582 (UBA).

Attached are copies of the previous medical history with St Nicholas Hospital and the Treatment plan for the next surgery from Fortis Memorial India.

Her family can be contacted via the following numbers:

  • +234 810 948 8016

You can also donate via GoFundMe.

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