Anita Okoye sues Paul (Rudeboy) for N10m over alleged affair with house help

Anita Okoye, the estranged wife of Paul, a twin of the P-Square, has sued her husband to court and demanded a total sum of N10 million for allegedly having illicit affair with one of their house helps, “Florence”.

In the court document filed last year (2021), Anita is demanding a divorce from Rudeboy citing irreconcilable differences as the basis for divorce.

In a fresh charge before the High Court in FCT, her lawyer stated; “That I know as a fact that while sending I and petitioner’s sister packing, the Respondent also boasted that the reason for his actions was to ensure that the Petitioner’s wings were clipped and that she had no one else to lean on.

“That I know as a fact that the Respondent has shown minimal interest in the upbringing of the children and rarely participates in discipline of the children.

“That I know as a fact that the Respondent has always been travelling on music tours and is barely at home and does not have time for family life.”

Anita also allegedly gave her husband the sum of ten million naira (N10,000,000.00) and they had an agreement that she would be granted a portion of land at his company, TannkCo premises to build a mall while Paul failed to honour the agreement after he collected the money.

The document further said: “That I know as a fact that the Petitioner founded a company called TannkCo in 2019.

“That the Petitioner and the Respondent agreed to build a mall where TannkCo would have its main offices and the Petitioner contributed N10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Naira) for the purchase of the land and the building of the mall.”

“That I know as a fact that the Respondent upon completion of the mall, reneged on the agreement and failed to give TannkCo a space in the mall.

“That I know as a fact that I have been close to the petitioner and the respondent since their marriage and I know that the Petitioner has endured a lot of painful experiences in the marriage and I was always encouraging her to continue to do her best for the marriage to survive.

“That I make this written statement oath in good faith and to the best of my knowledge, information and belief and in accordance with the Oaths Act,” a deponent close to the petitioner said.

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