False Alarm: Court grants Ameerah Sufyan bail over ‘mental illness’

The Magistrate Court in Wuse, Abuja, has granted bail to Ameerah Sufyan on the ground of “mental illness”.

Ameerah Sufyan was the lady who alerted the public on her Twitter handle of being abducted by gunmen dressed in police uniforms along with 17 persons including three pregnant women and two kids.

Police a few days later confirmed she has been found while noting; “We have some suspicions about her claims as much as we debunk the kidnap of 17 others”.

The Twitter user was charged by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command for false kidnap alarm.

Apologising to Nigerians for raising a false alarm, Ameerah had posted on her Twitter handle, @Ameerah_sufyan, “Good day all, I would like to formally apologize to the general public, to the whole police department and my friends and family for misleading them with the below tweet, nothing of such happened and it was all just my delusions and negative thinking, I would also like to thank.

“I intentionally took myself out of our house, went to these locations, entered bushes and dehydrated and starved myself for four days just like that, there was no kidnapping, nothing at all, I truly apologize and please pray for me I need it.”

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