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‘Vawulence’ as Toyin Lawani, Caroline Danjuma wash dirty linen in public



The Nigerian Twitter on Saturday was entertained by the war of words between Caroline Danjuma and Toyin Lawani.

Toyin Lawani, a celebrity stylist had publicly called out the actress and former billionaire wife for wrecking her marriage.

She claimed Carolyna Hutchings (new name for Caroline Danjuma) was the reason why her ex threw her out of his house and beat her to a pulp.

According to Toyin Lawani, she was with him for 11 years and Caroline ruined her life.

“Facts still remain, you slept with him. Stop covering your tracks with lies and lie on your child we were not friends, you never slept on my bed..never cooked food in my house, never cried on my shoulder and never grassed me out. While I protected you”.

“God knows no such thing happened, carried ur name? My dear I’m sure Miss won’t even back up this lies, they all know the truth about what you did & got caught & I had nothing to do with it, even if I was the one who introduced u to the guy, girl bye, facts you ruined my relationship”

“You & I know the truth and I wouldn’t be doing this back and forth with you and your lies, is it my ex you slept with you are talking about or another one? Girl bye, pls say another thing, I love that you believe your own lies. Madam they didn’t pay me I spent 30m, wearing what exactly”

“Stop normalizing my relationship I was engaged mofo and you ruined it, I was chased out with my daughter, my stores were taken from me, I had no clothes on my back cause of u fucking wicked bastard, cause I was covering up for you, I was beaten black and blue, you evil witch”

“Someone I was with for 11 years you must be sick, you ruined my life but I’m glad I’m not where I used to be, thanks for all you do cause if you didn’t I won’t be where I am today. Go and do the same for yourself, lazy ass, alapamashishe is your ex still not paying ur bills”.

In reaction, Carolina said; “Toyin make it make sense to me .. how do you know what ended my marriage when my marriage ended in 2016 and I stopped speaking with you in 2009 .. how can you be part of the break up when you never existed in it ?? Girl stop with the lies , you ain’t that relevant

“Yes I told Chioma and Iyabo after i was told on the show you said shit about me . We all saw from episode 1 you had said shit about me one of the reasons Laura disliked me .. girl this ex of yours was and is a married man . REST

“Rather you accused swanky , I and christiana of destroying your relationship with him .. then you carried my name around out of revenge I was sleeping with small boys .. those who knew the gist can verify. My ex NEVER believed you. Girl rest

“Yes I told Chioma and Iyabo after i was told on the show you said shit about me . We all saw from episode 1 you had said shit about me one of the reasons Laura disliked me .. girl this ex of yours was and is a married man . REST

“Your hatred for me is because I became friends with swanky and your relationship with the married man ended ( solely your fault ) . Keep my name out your mouth Toyin . You know nothing about my marriage. Your accusations are laughable.. enjoy

“When I was married my ex told me to keep quiet , you went round town soiling my name including accusing me of sleeping with you.. now I ain’t married no more ,, sugar what is the problem again ?? Why are you so obsessed with me ??

“Remember when your “ex” brought you to our house party first and last time, nov 4 ,2009 .. I threw you out infront of everyone .. your ex should have reminded you . You can accuse me falsely of sleeping with small boys , tell all your friends .. zero fucks given.

“Toyin you keep saying my ex caught me with small boys ???.. yet he let me stay from 2009 to 2016 ?? Girl this is the last time I will address you .. I ain’t afraid of no one except the one that can destroy my soul .. concentrate on your 33 companies.

“I had a record label .. apart from writing proposal for her upcoming show , aunty introduced me to an upcoming artist , I already had three artist .. I never signed her artist then Toyin and I fell apart , I left everything concerning her.

“Toyin I did NOT break up your relationship .. rather you did not know your married ex had people giving him info of your movements. I was with you for biz . What the hell is my biz with your affair ???.

“Lastly Toyin bring out any evidence on the media I called you out for destroying my home .. 2009 or 2016, any tv or press release granted by me with concrete evidence ..

“Imagine this clown talking about my biz. With 33 companies you moved from Vi to Lekki couldn’t pay rent now to ogombolo the forest at Ibeju .. soon it will be epe .. come let me show you my 2 estates.. yes you are good with theatrical costumes focus on that .

“Toyin you were NOT engaged .. you wanted him to kick out his wife for you . You bought an old yellow fake ring to wear . Who does not know your gist . You are insane. What on earth did you not do to that woman including any woman you saw with the married man.

“You were LEFT cause he kept seeing you with different artist and men .. you wanted me to cover up for you . I only came for biz Wetin concern me with your affair .. because I refused to cover up you went on a rampage.

“You showed me your fake ring until I heard the real gist and saw his beautiful wife . You showed that woman hell . Toyin your cross carry it yourself . You thought he will@leave his wife for you ??? Girl bye . It is the audacity for me to fight over a married man.

“Toyin lawani has accused EVERYONE of ruining her relationship with Aremo .. every living thing even if you met her in a week . I ruined your relationship so I can marry him as husband number 2 with my ex husband ???.. is this woman ok ??

“you ran away from your ex husband in london still married to follow another married man to Nigeria .. girl bye .. it was just an affair .. the prayer of his wife worked wonders . REST TOYIN.

“Toyin calling me a witch. I was quiet when I was married.. now I can talk . All you blood suckers get ready . Toyin leave Aremo matter alone . Focus on your home . Keep my name out of your mouth .. PERIODT. Only knew your btw sep- end of oct 2009.

“Toyin you said I should leave you ?? ???. Thought you said In your interview I should face you want to tell Chief things so he won’t pay our kids school fees ??.. should I send you a ride or TF .. abi pj ?? He will be expecting you ?????.. clown

“Toyin lawani all women are not stray dogs or home wreckers like you . How many times have you fought on the internet over a man not yours .. I rest my case .. next time you come for me .. be very prepared. I say what I say behind people . Don’t take my silence for stupidity .

“Toyin lawani , I begged Chioma to put me inside Pj ?? ???.. did she show you the receipt of 1.8m naira I sent to her to pay for my pj ? I still have it .. girl you are sooooo pained .. from grace to grass. Married women prayers are working ??.. keep lying I have receipts.

“Pity party Toyin sayin I was the one that made them throw her out with her daughter ????. Toyin lawani his wife you wanted out of the way reclaimed her throne . Why are you still hurt tho ?? Aren’t you happy now ??

“Another reason he chased you out was because you were staying in his property with your sons dad .. you think he is a fool .. who does not know your gist Toyin .. you want to use this show to act Angel ?? F off … don’t stress me again . Happy Saturday sugar.

“When you have been hearing someone chat shit about you since 2009 over a married man but everyone has been saying keep quiet . Still she won’t stop . Toyin I double dare you to say all this infront of your ex , myself and those involved . Triple dare you .

“Toyin has accused me of alllll sorts because of her married lover . Things I have absolutely nothing to do with . She accused OTHERS as well .. Toyin rest .. you LIE too much . Focus on your marriage . FOCUS .”

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