Top 10 Jason Statham movies you should see

1) Wrath of Man

H is a mysterious man who starts working for a cash moving truck company. He becomes known for using amazing precision and dexterity to neutralize robbers. However, H is actually out for revenge.

2) The Bank Job

Cruz decides to rob a bank in order to help his wife who is in dire need of money. He ropes in Lydia and Danny to help him. Things take a turn when their plan backfires.

3) The Italian Job

John Bridger and Charlie Croker assemble a team to steal gold bars from a vault in Venice, but one of their team members betrays them. After many years, Charlie meticulously plans another heist.

4) Hobbs and Shaw

US agent Luke Hobbs and British mercenary Deckard Shaw are forced to put their rivalry side and work together to stop a genetically enhanced supervillain.

5) Fast and Furious 7

Dominic and his family are caught in a quagmire when Shaw’s brother seeks bloody revenge. They must not only deal with their enemy but also save a crucial programme from falling into the wrong hands.

6) Death Race

When Warden Hennessey offers Jensen and other prisoners a chance to compete in a car race and earn their freedom, millions watch as criminals with life sentences race armoured cars to earn freedom.

7) The Expendables

A group of mercenaries is double-crossed during a mission and are approached by Church to overthrow the ruthless dictator of a South American country.

It isn’t long before the men realise things aren’t quite as they appear, finding themselves caught in a dangerous web of betrayal.

Although their mission is compromised and an innocent is in danger, soldier of fortune Barney and his comrades decide to get the job done.

8) The Transporter

An ex-soldier turned mercenary ‘transporter’ moves goods, human or otherwise, from one place to another. Complications arise when a job goes astray and he has to save the life of his female cargo.

9) The mechanic

Arthur Bishop is widely regarded as the best contract killer in the business. When his mentor Harry is murdered, Bishop vows to take revenge while teaching Harry’s son the tricks of the trade.

10) Crank

Chev, an assassin-for-hire, is injected with a serum that requires him to always keep his adrenaline levels high in order to survive.

Source: Twitter Victor Babatunde

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