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Video: How suspected IPOB terrorists killed Harira Jibril, 32, along with her 4 daughters in Anambra



Nigerians on social media, especially in northern Nigeria, are outraged by a video showing a woman and children being killed in the south-eastern Nigerian state of Anambra.

Harira Jibril, 32, her nine-year-old daughter, Fatima, seven-year-old Khadijah, five-year-old Hadiza, and two-year-old Zaituna were killed by suspected IPOB members. some at least six people in the state.

Nigerian police have confirmed the killings, saying they are looking for the perpetrators.

The BBC hausa spoke to the woman's husband, Jibril Ahmed, who said his wife, who was nine months pregnant on her way home from a visit with their children to Orumba North, had been killed on the way.

Alhaji Usman Abdullahi, the Hausa leader of Ihiala in Anambra, also confirmed the incident to the BBC hausa, saying the woman was originally from Adamawa State in northern Nigeria.

The leader of Hausa community, who is currently out of the state, says the Hausa community is in a precarious situation in Anambra State.

According to him, in Ihiala Local Government Area where he is, there are no Northerners left as a result of all of them fleeing due to threats from IPOB members.

A few days ago, two soldiers who were planning to get married in Imo State were killed by suspected members of the IPOB.

VIDEO: IPOB kills pregnant woman ‘Fatima’, her 4 kids, 6 other Northerners in Anambra
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