‘You ruined lives!’: Joey Akan accuses M.I Abaga as they go at each other on Twitter

Nigerian based entertainment journalist and host of the Afro-beats Intelligence podcast, Joey Akan took to his twitter page on Tuesday, May 18, 2022 to question Nigerian rappers about why they are not meeting with Dababy while he is in the country.

A popular Nigerian rapper, Jude Lemfani Abaga stage name ‘M.I Abaga’ caught wind of his tweet and was not pleased.

The two figures engaged in a back and forth, throwing accusations at each other, where M.I accused Joey of debasing Nigeria’s hip-hop community and Joey accused M.I of ruining the lives of prospective musicians, forcing them to give up on music entirely.

See how it started and the conversation that ensued below

@JoeyAkan: “Why is Dababy not having one-on-one with local Nigerian rappers? No meet-and-greet? No hailings? “wE nEeD tHE CUltuRe to resPect Nigerian wrappers.” You rappers should go and drag Davido na. Since entitlement is usually your first name.”

@MI_Abaga: “You have a small mind.. so not sure you understand what false equivalency is.. What’s d point of dis tweet? To insult rappers for wanting respect? I guess self respect would be an offensive idea to you. Insecure little Joey insulting people to feel better grow up”

@JoeyAkan: “Jude, once upon a time, you didn’t have to demand respect from anybody. Your artistic impact automatically gave you that. Ask why you are demanding it now. Tell your people the truth, MI Abaga. Stop crying over Rick Ross on Twitter. You dishonour us, rap and your legacy.”

@MI_Abaga: “If I don’t demand respect why you constantly on my dick tho?”

@MI_Abaga: “Let it be known that @JoeyAkan is an enemy of Nigerian HipHop! A vile mind that continuously spits on our efforts and debases the Hiphop community! You are persona non grata and no longer welcome in the culture.”

@JoeyAkan: “King of Nigerian hip hop has excommunicated me. You’re not that guy, Jude. You no longer have that influence you used for evil in the past. The industry doesn’t rate you. Your past sins speak against you. You’re still stuck in the 2011, that’s why you’re crying for Rick Ross.”

@MI_Abaga: “Why are you on my dick tho… constantly.. year after year.. why do you constantly seek my validation…”

@JoeyAkan: “I’ve stood you up 3 times M.I, when you wanted to use me to attack an artist, you ruined their career. I refused, and you’ve hated me for it. Leaking dirt on your artists to further damage their career. You know why I never attended those meetings? Because you’re evil.”

@MI_Abaga: “Stood me up? My brother… I’m engaged oh!”

@JoeyAkan: “Stop doing this. Did you try to use me as a tool to destroy an artist that once called you father? And ate from the same plate as you? I ghosted you because you wanted to compromise me for evil. Answer the question. And stop calling me and threatening me. Vector was right.”

@JoeyAkan: “You see this behaviour? This is exactly what they did in the past to multiple artists looking to exist in this space, before the internet came. When they l made phone calls, and removed other artists from radio and success. You ruined lives, Jude. But this is 2022.”

@JoeyAkan: “Jude, leave my DM and stop calling me. Come to the TL. @MI_Abaga.”

@MI_Abaga: “We spoke on the phone.. and you called Nigerian rappers poor and depressed. You are no longer welcome in our culture.. good bye @joeyakan”

@JoeyAkan: “I said I speak with a lot of poor and depressed rappers being held down by notions of the past. But you wouldn’t say that part. Since we’re sharing details of conversations. Jude are you tacitly giving me permission to share our conversations?

Hey @MI_Abaga, I will no longer race you to the bottom. Your closest friends, family and people you hold dear have called me to beg on your behalf. And I will listen. I have respect. Have a great day, OG.”

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