Veteran Nollywood actor ‘Chiwetalu Agu’ shows video of spiritual weapons he was attacked with

Nigerian born Nollywood veteran actor, Chiwetalu Agu survives a series of spiritual attacks and shows the weapons removed from his body by his prophet.

The viral video shows the actor listing and describing the weapons removed from his body and among those weapons are a mirror fragment, multiple metal nails, cowries, and sea stones.

He revealed the different arrows were removed by his prophet, including a key that was intended to lock his heart and stop him from living.

Chiwetalu also narrated a dream he had where he was about five feet under the ground, which is just one foot away from the regular burial standard for a deceased person

He however prayed in the dream and was slowly lifted out of what could only have been grave, in his dream.

Reaffirming his faith in Christianity, Chiwetalu mentioned he is a good Christian and he knows what he does for God, and he feels sorry for the people who sent the spiritual arrows his way.

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