Betrayal among women is high due to jealousy, says female e-cab driver

Nigerians have been advised to eschew the act of betrayal and embrace the teachings of the Holy Books.

Some Lagos residents who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews on Saturday, said that betrayal was part of life and that people’s understanding of it would determine how they manage the situation when it arises.

According to them, being betrayed by a friend or a family member is one of the worst feelings ever, sometimes leading to emotional pain and worse physical pain.

Nana Gaiya, an e – cab driver, told NAN that betrayal among women was high due to  jealousy.

“As a woman I’ve been betrayed a couple of  times and you can always see it coming because envy is common among women, we compete against each other in an unhealthy manner.

“If I ever betray a friend, I’m probably returning a favour, people need to be served what they dish out, I know how painful it is.

“I’ve had friends who snatched my boyfriend and told me to go to hell, I can’t begin to express how much betrayal I’ve suffered,” she said.

Ismail Shonibare, a Disk Jockey, told NAN that people must follow the example of Christ who was also betrayed and look at how God keeps forgiving us.

“I’ve seen a lot, imagine having sealed a deal and one of your crew members go behind your back and offers a client a lower fee.

“I realise that no matter how good or kind you are, people will try your last patience and defame your character, I just leave such people to God’s judgment,” he said.

Popular actor, Taiwo Hassan said that people should resist using retaliation as a means of getting back at whoever wrong them, saying, “it is not a best way to handle betrayal”.
He said that it was important to know detailed information about people in order to understand their personalities and have a good relationship that would last the test of time.

“I believe before any friendship is formed, it’s important we know each other well enough so we’d know how to relate respectfully, even Prophet Mohammed said we should know Him before we serve Him.

“I have had my fair share of betrayals and I can tell you that it’s more painful because nobody sees it coming, but the most important thing is to reevaluate things, forgive and move on,” Hassan said.

Waidi Akanni, an ex-football International, who was of the opinion that betrayals stems from envy, urged individuals to focus on self-development rather than hating on people’s achievements.

“I shrug off hate and jealousy and move on. Develop yourself in whatever capacity you need to, try your hands on a lot of things that can impact lives, hating and betraying those that trust you doesn’t end well.

“Even among ex-players, they always say negative things about me and eventually one or two of them will call to tell who said what and these are the guys you always try to support,” he said.

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