Signs of uterine fibroid to watch out for during menstruation

A general physician, Dr Tolu Oladapo, says intense and prolonged abdominal pain and heavy bleeding are symptoms of uterine fibroid.

Oladapo, a medical officer with Hopevillle Hospital and Maternity, Ibadan, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday.

“Menstruation is a natural process in the female body and some women experience pain during their menstrual cycle.

“Painful menstruation is referred to as dysmenorrhea, which can be divided into primary and secondary.

“Primary dysmenorrhea is the normal menstrual cramps while secondary dysmenorrhea is associated with pelvic disorders such as uterine fibroid and endometriosis.

“Secondary dysmenorrhea often feels worse than normal menstrual pain,” she said.

Oladapo noted that while it was possible to mistake normal menstrual cramps with pelvic pain from uterine fibroids.

He, however, said uterine fibroids signs could be detected when a woman notices any change from her usual menstrual pattern.

“Uterine fibroids are common noncancerous growths that develop on or inside of the uterus.

“They can vary in type, size, and number. Although many women with fibroids don’t experience symptoms at all, others are severely impacted.

“Symptoms of menstrual pain associated with fibroid include heavy and prolonged bleeding, intense abdominal pain, and changes in the menstrual cycle and bleeding pattern.

“Other signs to watch out for include stomach swelling, frequent urination, constipation, fatigue, and pain during sexual intercourse, “she said.

Oladapo said that it is important to see a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible to avoid irreversible health conditions.

“Although fibroids are not cancer, they can still cause damage to surrounding organs and impact fertility and cause miscarriage.

“Fibroids can also result in a range of undesirable health conditions such as anemia, problem urinating, breathlessness, and paleness,” she said.

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