7 affordable restaurants to eat at on Lagos Mainland

Fast food isn’t always fast and affordability is relative sometimes, but it does not change the fact that some people are regulars at restaurants. 

Maybe it is just for a blind date, or a second date, hanging out with friends, a meeting closing a business deal, or study group lunch you’re going for, a restaurant is always in that list of possible places to converge on. 

Lago is a pretty big state, and a busy one at that. There is an establishment everywhere you make a turn. 

This article will help you narrow down your options to just 7 places to consider for that next date, or business meeting, with an estimate of how much you can expect to spend per person. 

1. Afefeyeye (Ikeja, Allen)

Budget 7k per head

2. Essence by the Grid (Ikeja GRA)

Budget – 10-15k per head. Their seafood pasta is recommended.

3. Kaanubru (Gbagada)

Budget 10k per head

4. Purple Bistro (Yaba)

Budget 10k per head

5. Cabin Lagos (Surulere)

Budget 10k per head. This 10k platter is recommended.

6. Orchid Bistro (Ikeja, Isaac John)

Budget 10k-15k per head

7. Oeuvre Bistro (Ogudu Mall)

Budget 10k-15k

Credit: Twitter; @yourfreshbread

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