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Doja Cat angrily announces she is quitting music 



American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, stage name Doja Cat, has revealed she is not interested in pursuing a music career. 

She revealed this after her fans in Paraguay put some heat on her for cancelling a planned show, on social media. 

A Twitter user tweeted “Not a single photo being in Paraguay, not a single tweet, not a single Instagram story!!!! You made us empty!!”

And to that, Doja Cat simply replied “I’m not Sorry”. 

The singer was clearly frustrated and shared more tweets and replies in quick succession, basically letting people know she is uninterested and people should stop believing in her because she has quit music.

Her tweet reads “i moved on i’m just gonna let everybody be mad”

“i’m not taking pictures again with anybody else after this tour”

“it’s gone and i don’t give a fuck anymore i fuckin quit i can’t wait to fucking disappear and i don’t need you to believe in me anymore. 

“Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and i’m a fucking fool for ever thinking i was made for this this is a fucking nightmare unfollow me”

Doja Cat has always shown her happier side on social media, TikTok specifically, where she shares most of her goofy videos and interacts with her fans. 

She was clearly infuriated by her Paraguayan fans, and was pushed so far she decided to quit music. 

She dropped the bombshell in her final two tweets where she stated clearly, ‘I quit’. 

“i don’t have to focus on anything because i quit”

“This shit ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care.” She wrote.

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