Holy Season: Lagos residents speak on lifestyle, diet changes during lent

As the Lenten season progresses, some residents of Lagos State have described how the holy season has impacted their lifestyle and diets.

In separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos, they expressed hope to refrain from some of their individual shortcomings even after lent.

Lent is a season of 40 days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on the Saturday before Easter.

The period is often referred to as a time for personal reflection that prepares people’s hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter.

It is also expected that participants give up eating particular foods or make a sacrificial lifestyle change.

Agnes Ejeh, a caterer,  told NAN that fasting for her does not  just revolve around food, but other social activities.

“I not only fast, but I have cut down significantly  about even movies and other things that the flesh craves for. I pray that God helps me to continue.

“I have not gone for parties too and yes, I have absolutely reduced the way I eat. I  think I’m good at fasting now,” she said.

Mr Tomi Falase, the Chairman, Lagos State Squash Association, said that trying to keep the holy month holy was not an easy task.

“I personally do not joke with this season, it’s one of the time I dedicate to God, not that I don’t dedicate time, but it’s different during this season.

“Living in Nigeria is not for the faint-hearted, we need to keep building our faith and trust in God,” he said.

According to a fashion designer and music composer, Mr Frank Adidi , he has been more intentional  about the Lenten season this year than previous years, particularly his social life.

“I’ve tried to cut down on my eating habit. I  fast twice a week; no parties this period and  I’m very intentional about that,” he said.

Adidi also told NAN that his focus during the Lenten season were to be more open in his relationship with others,  focus more on God and alms giving.

“I’m trying to be a better person in relating with others; trying to be at peace with anyone I feel I offended in the past or was not in good terms with. It’s not easy but it’s a start,” he said.

Elizabeth Momoh, a student of the University of Ilorin, told NAN that in spite of the ongoing lenten season, she still enjoys eating and socialising.

“I don’t really watch movies again since the season started, that is the significant thing I can attest to, but I still love to eat and socialise.

“I want to watch just zeeworld and it’s in the night, my presence on social media has reduced drastically,” she said.

Mr Henry Mbaekwue, a plant biologist, said that for the period of Lent, he decided not to  listen to secular music.

“This Lenten season, I intentionally don’t listen to R&B, hip hop and other secular songs. I listen more to gospel music.

“Although I don’t know if I’d be able to sustain that after the holy season, but I am deliberate about what I feed my mind and head with now,” he said.

A software developer , Joyce Adelusi, said that she had been doing her best to refrain from doing things that looked impossible for her to stop.

“I am abstaining entirely from movies this period and I cut down on what I eat. I am not sure it’s sustainable after the Lenten season, I love food,” she said.

Mr Ayobami Peters, an event planner, said he enjoyed to spend a good part of his life indoors.

“I reduced my outings this period. However, I have spent more time on my phone than I usually do,” he said.

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