Why Cardi B quit her first major role in a movie

Cardi B has quit her first major role in a movie right before the filming for the movie was set to begin.

Paramount Pictures who was in charge of the production has scrapped the movie which had a $30m budget and was to be directed by Thembi Banks.

The Movie titled “Assisted Living” would have seen Cardi B as the lead character, playing the role of a female criminal on the run for a crime she did not commit.

Cardi B opened up about feeling extremely suicidal at a hearing for a legal battle with YouTuber ‘Tasha K’ who she accused of defamation.

Although she won the case, Cardi B was experienced emotional for the duration of the trial and she had to couple that with recording new music and raising her children.

The singer and rapper is reportedly stressed out and quit the movie role because of this, which is understandable.

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