Top Sporting Events Of The Year

Every corner of the athletic world is packed for live betting with unique flavors of culture. From fancy cricket matches to gritty horse races, there is almost nothing that hasn’t been tried.

This article is designed to highlight those events that reign supreme, in which the competition absorbs a great amount of cash, attracting the most awe-inspired audiences.

As we search for the greatest events, it’s important to note that every account offers its independent taste of athleticism, its own form of entertainment.

Tour De France

Since the year 1903, this three-week-long trek, spanning 2,000 miles, has evolved into the most famous of the cycling Grand Tours, with a splendid finale in beautiful Paris.

A gorgeous ending for the most physically demanding and visually pleasant races on Earth, with an estimated 15 million spectators.

The World Series

Frigid stretches extend to the seventh-inning and walk-off bombs. What may come across as terrible to certain people is a blessing to America, as baseball remains America’s pastime.

Up to 162 matches take place between the fresh Spring, the sweaty Summer, and the breezy Fall, all leading to a memorable postseason in October.

The World Series, spanning seven games, is the pinnacle of national pride.

Cricket World Cup

Originating in England in the year 1975, this tournament is the height of the sport. Once, it was only played in the spaces of the West Indies, Britain, New Zealand, India, Australia, South Africa, and Pakistan; the sport is now observing a cultural transition.

Other nations are starting to pick up sticks. In fact, during the 2011 competition, up to 40 matches were viewed by over 160 million people.

NBA Finals

Over 80 games of hardwood and an extended postseason result in a series of seven games are played for the glory of basketball.

Many partake to revel in the festive championship series, all making for quite the traditional event. Takes place across 215 nations.


The oldest and by far most prestigious tournament in the history of tennis, held annually at the All England Club, based in Wimbledon, London, since the year 1877.

It remains the only Major that is still played on grass courts and features two weeks in June and July of ultimate racket-swatting goodness. There is also a strict dress code.

The Super Bowl

Imagine a football field with three hours of madness, completed by an array of some of the most iconic, quality, and hilarious advertisements to keep audiences smiling during the break.

Football’s ultimate showdown seems just as concerned about overpriced advertising as it does with grid greatness. Still, it doesn’t prevent audiences members from drooling over the possibilities, always following memorable runs.

FIFA World Cup

This is the biggest sporting event of all time. For a single month, every four years, the majority of the planet’s civilizations halt their lives to watch 32 qualifying nations compete for supremacy in the sport of soccer. The fire-starting, flag-thrusting passion of fans and the incredible footwork shown on the mesh creates the largest tournament of all time.

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