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Timaya narrates hit and run incident



Nigerian singer Timaya, real name Inetimi Timaya Odon was on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, accused of a hit and run in Ikate, Lagos. 

The singer was also visited by the police at his Lagos residence, hours after the alleged hit and run occurred. 

He took to his InstaLive on Thursday, March 3, 2022 just hours after his arrest, seemingly having a regular day in his home. 

While sharing a live feed, an Instagram user asked “Someone accused you of a hit and run. Did that happen?”, which gave the singer the opportunity to speak up about the incident. 

Timaya explained he did hit the Lady’s car and she did come out to confront him, but he didn’t hit her after that. 

While narrating what occurred on that day, he states he asked the lady if he could get her number or if she could at least let them both get off the road, so they don’t obstruct traffic. 

While trying to have a conversation with the Lady, he saw four men running towards his car and he tried to leave the premises for safety reasons, but the Lady grabbed and held on to his side mirror and fell in the process, which led to the injuries seen in the viral video of the hospitalized woman. 

Timaya also added that he sent his team down to the hospital to check on the lady and he also went to the house of her husband to ensure she was in better condition, but he found out there was already a police case pending. 

Timaya didn’t confirm or deny being arrested on the live feed, but only narrates his ordeal at Ikate with the now injured lady. 

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