‘What a beautiful gift’: James Brown reveals purpose of UK visit

Nigerian crossdresser James Obialor Brown has revealed the purpose of his visit to the United Kingdom.

In a video the cross-dresser shared to his verified Instagram account, he stated in the caption as he gifted himself a present by going to the UK to study in a university.

he also stated that one of his New Year’s resolutions and promises was to put himself through to complete his university education, but he faced some obstacle.

The caption reads “What a beautiful gift I gave myself this year by sponsoring myself to study in a university in uk.”

“I never stopped dreaming of the impossible because earlier this year I made the decision to support myself through university and I was faced with one of the biggest obstacles in my life.”

It would seem the cross dresser has overcome whatever obstacles because in the video he’s seen given some type of lecture in a classroom which would imply that he has officially started school in the UK, and a lot of people are happy for him and his progress.


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