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Kate Henshaw gets corrected by a Twitter user



Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw, tweeted on Monday, February 21, 2022, about the Ghana Identification card.

The actress tweeted a question at Ghanaian fans to confirm a rumour about the card giving Ghanaians access to 97 borders and over 40,000 airports across the world.

With the tweet, she shared a screenshot of a post from another social media platform.

“Ghana card can now be used as e-passport in 44,000 airports across the world.”

“Infact, Ghana’s National Identity Card, popularly known as the ‘Ghana Card’ will enable Ghanaians travel across 97 borders and 44,000 airports in the world.”

“while Nigeria National Identity Card is for Simcard registration”.

“Where are my Ghanaian peeps? Is this true? Naija, how far?? Hmmmmmm” Kate Henshaw asked

A supposed Ghanaian Twitter user responded “It’s true. Due to its unique biometric identification, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) declared its acceptance as an e-passport in 44k international airports and 197 borders.”

A second quipped “What is true here and where did you get such information. Here is a screenshot clarification from ICAO”

He also added screenshots of tweets from the official ICAO account, where it denied the claims being made in the rumours.

The tweets read “ICAO is aware of recent and incorrect media reports claiming that ICAO has agreed that the Ghanaian ID card is equivalent to an ePassport. However, it is not ICAO’s role to certify the use of a State’s Identity Card for international travel in place of a passport.”

“It is the sovereign right of each individual State to decide upon its entry and exit requirements and the documents that need to be presented by those travelling to and/or from its territory.”

“A number of States worldwide accept specified national ID cards as identity documents during air travel based on bilateral agreement between issuing and receiving states. *Any* decision to accept such alternative travel identity documents is made by the receiving state itself.”

“Ghana’s successful conclusion of its key ceremony on 9 February is a major milestone in its efforts to provide for more international acceptance of its electronic travel documents.”


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