Fuel Scarcity: Black market vendor brags about selling to ‘Yahoo Boys’ — Gideon Okeke

Nigerian actor, model and TV presenter Gideon Okeke has narrated how a black market petrol seller tried to embarrass him, in a bid to make him pay five thousand Naira for a litre of petrol.

Through his verified Instagram account, the actor shared a post on February 18, 2022, narrating his ordeal.

He revealed, the black market vendor, enthusiastically praised ‘yahoo boys’ because yahoo boys wouldn’t ask the price of the petrol being sold, and they would just buy it at the rate they are told.

He explained the vendor told him this in a bid to shame him into buying petrol at the price they were selling it for per litre, dive thousand Naira.

This is the reason he believes Nigeria is in trouble.

His post reads “Dear friends, this country is in trouble o. It’s bad enough that the black market sells 1 liter of fuel for 5k.”

“Worse iff, the fact that the black market dealer, vehemently brags about ONLY selling to yahoo boys. Because dem no Dey prize market. Anything you tell dem, dem go pay!”

“The guy wan shame me for not being unscrupulous. This is Fraud shaming…or No? Nigeria’s time will come”.

In the caption of his post, he compares Nigeria to Ghana, calling Nigeria a Midget, in contrast to the “giant of Africa” the country is commonly referred to as.

“Meanwhile The GHANA CARD is poised to grant its bearer/citizens, access across several different land borders. Just the card o. No passport.”

“NIGERIA…shebi You can see your Mates? Dey here Dey ragabo us on GIANT vibes. Effin’ Midget! Chale what Dey Sup?! DUMSOR Dey My area.” he wrote.


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