Trey Songz sued $20m over alleged ‘anal’ rape

American singer-songwriter Temaine Aldon Neverson, stage name ‘Trey Songz’, is being sued for $20m, over rape allegations.

An unidentified woman is suing Trey for $20 Million over alleged anal rape that occurred on March 24, 2016, at a party in Loos Angeles, California.

According to her, he invited her to a house party, led her upstairs for consensual sex, but on the way upstairs, the singer repeatedly requested to have anal sex with her, which she refused and demanded he stopped asking.

She claims she was forced to the ground and her clothes were ripped off by Trey Songz, then he proceeded to forcibly penetrate her anus with penis, even after her many protests and refusals.

She also claims she tried to fight and her the singer off her but was overpowered, and when someone else came into the room, the person quickly left and Trey’s assault on her continued.

She managed to escape with her clothes but not her underwear, called an Uber and was taken to the hospital, where a medical exam was conducted to show she was assaulted, then the police got involved.

According to her report, she had “severe anal tearing that could require surgery” but did not name Trey Songz because she feared her life might be in danger if she did.

According to reports from TMZ, Her legal team which comprises of Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck, have mentioned that “Victims are coming forward every day.”

They also stated other victims are not alone, and the behavior. Of the singer is unacceptable and they “the legal team” will not be deterred by any form of intimidation on their pursuit of justice for all of Trey Songz’s victims.


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