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I thought I would turn out like my drug addict uncle — Blaqbones



Nigerian rapper Emeka Akumefule, stage name ‘Blaqbones’ has narrated how he was compared to his uncle who was a rapper but turned out a drug addict.

The rapper took to his Twitter page on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, to share his experience. He mentioned he was compared to his uncle when he started rapping, and his family expected he would turn out like his uncle, but he always proved his family wrong.

He also stated he was hurt emotionally every time there was a comparison between himself and his uncle, and that disappointment brought about fear and anxiety, he worried he would turn out like his uncle.

His tweets read “had an uncle that used to rap, didn’t happen for him, he then got hooked on drugs, from rehab to rehab till he ended up in the village”

“when i started rapping everyone thought I would end up like that but boy did it turn out soooo different. I stay proving em wrong“

“they used to say “i see the spirit of uncle *** inside him” and it used to hurt me soooooo bad, it then built a serious fear and anxiety in me, in everything i did, cos I constantly thought “what if they’re true?””


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