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Reactions as singer, Oxlade, sex-tape leaks online

Nigerians have reacted to the leaked sex tape of fast-rising singer, Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, popularly known as Oxlade.

In the early hours of Wednesday, footages of the singer having sex, recording his nudes have gone viral on social media. Though Oxlade and his team are yet to make an official statement, Nigerians have been reacting.

While some Nigerians have been hailing his sexual prowess, others called out the hypocrisy of criticising Tiwa Savage when her sex tape leaked and hailing Oxlade, when he did.

A tweep #realviva__ on said, “Tiwa Savage was slut-shamed when her sex tape dropped, but Oxlade own drops and it’s all cruise.” Another tweep #khanofkanis11 tweeted, “Apparently, there will never be much uproar when men’s sex tapes get exposed like there is when women’s happen. Tiwa’s case nearly sh*t the Internet down with takes. Nobody cares about Cross’ nudes and everyone laughs about Oxlade’s and how good he is. Hypocrisy.”

Tolu #tolul_ope wrote, “Same people that dragged Tiwa Savage are hailing Oxlade over his sex tape. Annoying double standards.” Jay #jayythedope in his tweet said there was no need for victim-blaming. He insisted that the person to be held accountable was whoever leaked the videos.

He tweeted, “Many of you be trying to paint Oxlade’s sex tape like he committed a crime, smh. Everybody is a virgin on Twitter. It’s high time we all stopped acting like kids whenever things like this happen. When sex tapes get leaked, blame the leaker, that’s the criminal, period!!!” Hailing Oxlade’s ‘versatility’, Tiwalang tweeted, “I think Oxlade is a good artist, but he is better at something else. Your versatility is admirable.”

“Nigerians are comparing people’s reactions to Tiwa Savage’s sex tape and reactions to Oxlade‘s. The fact is, Oxlade is still a 24-year-old, wild BOY. Tiwa Savage is a 42-year-old MOTHER. People expected her to do better

because of that singular status if not for anything for the mental health of her son in the next few years. Sex tape on its own is no crime.” #drpenking tweeted.

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