Maserati singer, Olakira, gives advise on ‘shawarma lifestyle’

Nigerian singer and songwriter Ade Ebenezer, star name ‘Olakira’, has lifestyle advice to share.

The singer shared his advice in a tweet on Thursday, February, 3, 2022, advising people to not live above their means.

He tweeted “Don’t live a shawarma lifestyle on a gala income”

His tweet was met with lots of varied reactions. One user accused him of motivating people wrongly since the singer sang about a Maserati he did not own.

That wet reads “You wey sing Maserati when you never own one , now you wan dey motivate .”

Another twitter user responded with a written impression of the singer’s supposed sister, ‘Mummy G.O’.

“Aburo mi, Go and return that Maserati car you collected from that company. Do you know that if you subtract Maserati(8) from Illuminati(10) you will have 2 left? And the devil has two horns on his head. So anyone who drives Maserati can never make heaven. Mark my words!”


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