Again, Fani-Kayode’s ex-wife, Precious, opens can of worms

Precious Chikwendu, a Nigerian actress, model and pageant queen (winner of Miss United Nations (World) 2014) has narrated her ordeal while she was married to Nigerian politician, Femi Fani-Kayode.

She did this via her verified Instagram account on Tuesday, January 1, 2022, where she wrote an open letter, exposing the abuse she endured four months after the birth of her biological son.

Her letter reads “My darling son Lotanna. It is another 1st of February normally on such days I usually start the day with an epistle of how amazing you are and how much of an awesome son you’ve been to me from conception to this very day but it is time it is so different.”

“Lotanna my son, these few months I have spent in so much pain wondering how you have been surviving and how you are coping given the situation surrounding you. I feel so sad and ashamed that you have been used as a pawn.”

“You are that son that gives me peace and calm in the storm, your ability to understand me even in silence still amazes me. I know you are not ignorant of the happenings but can do nothing as you just soak things in and forge on.”

“Never underestimate the bond between your mother and you the bond that was formed right from when you were in my womb and you witnessed all the punches, you took them with me as you kicked so hard and would only calm down when I whispered and pleaded with you , affirming that you would one day wipe my tears.”

“It was only at that point you would calm down and stop kicking as if you understood how those punches and harsh words froze my entire heart and soul.”

“What haven’t we weathered together? You witnessed so many in my womb and when you arrived this world, you were barely four months old when you witnessed your mother being beaten like a puppy.”

“You were in my arms that night at the wheatbaker hotel after he was released from ikoyi prison, it was all laughter at first then prayers of Thanksgiving and next punches.”

“You were dragged from my arms like a little bag of cake and I held on so tightly, the look in your eyes was that of so much fear , I looked into your eyes and I could read you clearly it was more of “Never Let Me Go mum”

“So I held on to you, the more I held on to you the more the punches came.”

“You cried out loudly and my heart shredded the more as the splashes of blood gushing from my nose landed on you. You were so terrified and all I wanted to do was get you out of that scene.”

“I was able to get off with you and ran to the short stay apartment where chidera and others were before you slept off on my chest after crying for so long.”

“As early as 4am jom and kubechi were at the door knocking, with their mom pleading on the phone that I have a rethink and forgive as it would be sad and a scandal if I ended things on this note.”

“Next was at our enugu hideout, somewhere off independence layout where hidden brother (my cousin ikenna) and I kept him safe from arrest during the effc hunt era , when he insisted I must come along with him to hide.”

“I couldn’t leave you with anybody so you came along with us. One night he started again shouting and beating me up for stories I could not even place and then I ran with you when the punches got so bad, he and his bodyguards/policemen chased us and they were dragging you from me in the middle of the road late into the night.”

“Thank God for the intervention of those vigilante group they would have taken you from me and that would have been it but I held on so tightly and then the men asked him to let go but get into his house and settle his issues rather than drag a kid at night given that he was a public figure.”

“Next morning hidden brother was there to plead with me to forgive and let go. The countless situations you witnessed at Aso Drive also led to you having some trauma.
You formed the habit of being so attached to me, you followed me everywhere.”

“To the bathroom , kitchen , whenever i made to move you ran after me in fear . You’re so scared of even sleeping as you felt you sleeping would translate to me disappearing when you wake up.”

“Initially I thought it was because of the bond between us but after I was thrown out and I went to Esther’s place because the 7 pastor prophesied that I wa Delilah and I was going to shave Samson’s hair I realized it was all a trauma bond.”

“You cried so badly when I was away that your father had you brought to me at Esther’s place by your nannies and the bodyguards . You spent two tonights with me with you clinged to me so much that I felt every pain in your heart.”

“We both slept on that couch in Esther’s room as you wouldn’t stay with kamsi even after bonding nicely with the sweet lad. I still remember the karaoke song sunflower from Spider-Man movie you and kamsi sang and your version still makes me smile whenever I miss you.”

“That visit was used to guilt trip me to returning as I was blamed for the trauma you went through. When I returned, you often ran out of your room to mine each time you woke up and I wasn’t beside you.”

“You started monitoring the cctv in my room to know when I moved from one point to the other and you cried that I shouldn’t leave you behind. My fear was not leaving behind but was the trauma you go through and the exposure to these various violence.”

“The bigger fear was what would become of the 4 of you if I got killed in one of these violent situations. From my last conversation with you via voice notes months ago, they already convinced you that I left you. I told you it wasn’t true and you would know the truth soon.”

“Today you are 6, getting closer to truth day by day. I die a million times thinking of your reaction the day you understand your mother was never mad nor a criminal or abandoned you. I know that day is near.”

“And like I promised you, I will not give up fighting for you. Watching you so detached and moody in your new school broke me down. My Aragorn was the life of the pack at TCIS. You were loved and celebrated by classmates and teachers.”

“Your monthly assembly awards was mu favorite as you bounced to the stage yo receive your achievers certificate whilst searching for your hype mama in the crowd.”

“Your taekwondo classes ending with you showing to me whenever i come to pick you, your little gossip with Bryan, Diana and Abdulrahman with loud whispers i can hear.”

“Every morning I dropped you off, I watched your classmates run out to hug you each time you walked in. Your bond with Abdul, Diana, Bryan and Adeola was epic. The 4 of you could pull stunts on Chukwusonari,Akuchi, musa , maya and her twin. Your teachers loved you silly. Mr Eagan, Mrs Kamson, Edet, Omo and Pauline kept hoping for your return.”

“Now I wonder how they treat you over there, when you don’t even wear your sport wears on days the others are on theirs. I hear your head of school has the mandate to ensure I don’t get to you. But son, they can’t stop a loving mother hen from watching her chick given the hawks surrounding them.”

“I’m watching my love, and soon you all will enjoy my warmth and loving smile again. Its a second birthday without me. Its hurts son , because your birthdays are always special and I go all out. But today I pray God fastens his intervention and grant you that special birthday gift you desire in your heart.”

“I sincerely apologize for all you and your brothers are going through especially having to see nannies, strangers and “fake aunties” as your mother whilst your mother is alive and well.”

“Today i wish everyone who has participated in the widening the gap between the four of you and your mother endless sorrows. May they never know peace and joy for depriving little children happiness. Amen”

“Happy 6th birthday my Aragorn mara’mma, lorlorlor mama ya, My original copy to which you respond by saying that all other babies are photocopies. Love you to bits my Lotanna”

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