Good paying jobs for Nigerian single mothers

Being a single mom can be overwhelming especially when you think of the expenses of running a family. Since time is something limited for Nigerian single mothers considering the stress of taking care of your young children.

To make ends meet, or just to avoid being idle and make some money of yourself, below are some jobs you can take:

Part-time/shift jobs

Since you will need time for your kids, finding a job that allows you to work part time is recommended. You may want to discuss with a prospective employer before agreeing to the employment. It will amaze you there are empathic Nigerians. With such jobs, you only have to wake up earlier to dress your child, drop him/her in school and resume work early. Your closing time may be arranged to coincide with when the children will close from school.

Baby sitter/Nanny

This is an example of a shift job. Your skill as a mother will also come in handy here as you would be able to relate to other people’s children better, from the place of knowledge.

One of such jobs nanny.


Think of a workplace where you can have your children around without anyone complaining; it is the school. Taking up a teaching job and enrolling your child in the schools will save you a lot of headache.


Do you possess any artisanal skills such as hair making, weaving, baking, etc, it is time to put it to use. This job permits you to work other jobs, depending on how well you are being patronized.


Leverage the internet and provide service with your soft skills. If you are good in writing or graphics designing. There is someone out there in need of your service. Some companies now hire remote customer care representatives.

You only need to think outside of the box. It might not be easy, coping with being everything for your children and also trying to make money. But, you can handle this. You are stronger than you think you are.

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