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Juliana Olayode: I don’t have your passwords, Pastor Timilehin responds



In a three part video, Pastor Timilehin Adigun of MINE Teenage Ministry, has responded to accusations that he impersonated and is in possession of the passwords to Juliana Olayode’s social media accounts.

In his video, the Pastor acknowledged that Giuliana and himself have not been in contact with each other for a year and a half.

In his first video, the Pastor mentioned that he has been working as Juliana‘s manager but without a contract.

He explained that he has been working with Juliana for free since she was taken off of Jenifa’s Diary in 2016, and he has never taken a dime from her as payment because she is working in the capacity of her spiritual father.

He explicitly said he does not have her passwords and that she gave her the passwords even though she created most of her social media accounts including her Facebook page and her YouTube page.

Telling her to check the book where she wrote her passwords and mentioning he manages in lots of emails because of his line of work, he reiterated not having her passwords.

The second part of his video explains how he published a post on Juliana’s Facebook account with the intent of letting her know he still has access to the accounts but not because he was attempting to hack her.

Explaining that he apologized for Making a post via her Facebook account in January of 2021, he makes mention of the fact that Juliana accused him of hacking her accounts, which he didn’t do.

He said he could have gotten back at her by airing her secrets because every father knows the secrets of the children but he chose not to.

He stated he unpublished her Facebook page because he was no longer her manager and he thought that could bring her back to him as his daughter and they could iron things out as father and daughter but obviously that did not work as planned.

The Pastor addressed the visits to his church on Sunday by Juliana. e said Juliana came with an entourage of sisters.

He did his best to accommodate them in his office but she started a conversation with his first name which he saw as an insult, that led to his being upset and having them escorted out of the premises.

Addressing the allegations that he is in possession of her passwords finally in the third video, the Pastor mentions he does not have the password to her Linktree and does not remember if he is the one who created that account.

He mentions he doesn’t have the password to her Amazon and her Okada books accounts, he also mentioned he does not have the password to the song on and she can reach out to them mutual contact in the United States about the royalties from her book.

He stated finally in the video that he does not know anything about her Twitter accounts and that he is disappointed in Juliana for handling matters the way she did.

An hour after Pastor Timilehin shared these videos, Actress Juliana Olayode responded with a post on her Instagram story.

She wrote “You just never cease to amaze Timilehin. You are such a baby, you will never change!!! First, do not ever in your life refer to me as your daughter.”

“Don’t you ever do that okay, I’m sure you know how many children Titilope has for you. Don’t make that mistake again in your life.”

“Also, I am begging you to please REVEAL MY SECRETS please tell the world my secrets J am begging you. If you really have anything to say please say it. Even I want to hear the secret Timilehin Please spill it.”


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