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Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi say it is foolish people who build mansions in their villages



Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi, has berated those who build mansions in their hometowns, referring to such acts as foolishness.

The actress took to her Instagram page to share of the video where she raised concerns over the wisdom behind building mansions in hometowns that people barely visit or stay in.

She advised that building a smaller home or an estate to rent out to people was much better.

She said, “You may not like it but that is the truth. If it is a house where you live in, where every morning you can wake up and look at the windows, look at the door handles that are all of gold and silver and brass, it is fantastic but you go and sink in your village home where you rarely stay.

“House or houses or an empire that you have sunk in billions to build where you and your family will rarely stay, is that not foolishness?

“Hear me ladies and gentlemen, one of the things we need do in this clime is to always ask God for wisdom to teach us to do the right things. Yes, we can build our homes in the village but something moderate and cute, something lovely and wonderful, something manageable and cute. It is wonderful to be in our village homes especially a place we know where we don’t stay all the time, where we just visit as if we are on holiday.

“Why waste such money there? if you have too much money that you don’t know what to do with it, Why don’t you go buy lands and build an estate and rent the houses out to people? Subsidize the rentage so that people would be able to pay for it and then you can be helping humanity.”

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