Actress Rahama Sadau has released a new series

Popular Kannywood actress and producer, Rahama Sadau, has released a new series. “Matar Aure”.

The Kaduna born actress, who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, took to her Instagram page to announce the coming of her new original series, “Matar Aure” (the house wife).

Starring the likes of Amin Shaiff, Yakubu Mohammed, among others.

The actress announced her film and tv production called “Sadau pictures”.

The new series is also a Sadau production series, the actress wrote, “ sadaupictures, new project, MatarAureSeries, coming soon”.

The talented actress, who joined the movie industry in 2013 ,won the best actress in Kannywood in 2014 and 2015.

She was, however, suspended from Kannywood in 2016 after appearing in a romantic music video with the singer ‘Classique’

In 2018, the ban placed was lifted , but this even made her more focused, as she has since featured in several Nollywood movies, MTV Shuga, series among others.

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