Your ‘419 rice pyramid’ will not help Nigerians, Ortom slams Buhari

Benue state governor, Samuel Ortom, has described the pyramid of rice unveiled by President Muhammadu Buhari as “419” and that it would not help Nigerians.

The governor made the remark while speaking after signing the state’s amended grazing bill into law at the Government House in Makurdi.

“All those 419 rice pyramid; is that what will help Nigeria? Do policies that will help us improve our economy. The first thing you will do is to chase away the marauding Fulani men who are your kinsmen to stop harassing us so that we can farm and produce enough rice for Nigeria.

“All those things (rice pyramid) are deceit, 419, they are not telling you the truth. So give us policies that will help us. I urge our people to get their PVCs and be ready to vote out this APC bad governance,” he added.

Ortom also accused the president of abandoning his state (Benue).

Speaking, he said; “Mr President, Benue state is not enjoying your government that is why even your party members from APC are all coming to PDP because they are not sure of being part of your government.

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“Every day, even yesterday APC members in the House of Assembly have decamped to PDP because the impact is not there. The pains are too much, the economy is in a bad shape, the security is in a bad shape, everything is in bad shape,” he said.

The governor also claimed he has been barred from accessing the president and therefore would communicate the truth through the media.

Ortom stated that all was not well with Nigeria as he urged the president to rise to his responsibilities.

The governor said, “This government has not fought corruption the way we expected them to do in 2015. All the people they are prosecuting are just perceived enemies.

“The fight is selective, there are former governors in the present cabinet who should be facing corruption trial but they are not. So which corruption are they fighting?

Ortom continued, “Nigeria has scattered and we do not know what to do. Sycophants and mediocre who are around you, corrupt people that are in your government are deceiving you.

“But I must tell you the truth that all is not well. You need to listen to us, you need to listen to the voice of the masses who elected you, because they may have been deceived, now we are sorry that we elected you as President of this country.”

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