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“I want my marriage to work” – Nollywood Actor, Stan Nze worried about celebrity breakups



Nigerian actor, Stan Nze was concerned about failed unions in the movie industry in an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu – the actor was elaborate on the show Rubbinminds by Ynaija airing on Channels Tv, spoke about his marriage to 42-year-old Blessing Jessica Obasi.

Nze tied the knot with Blessing, who is also an actress, last September, at a time when many celebrity marriages were shaky.

In the interview, Nze said he went off social media after unfolding events prompted him to question his readiness for marriage.

“I’ve always wanted my family to be private. My marriage was to be under wraps until my honeymoon but my wife insisted we post a photo so we control any coming narrative. We’d been together for 3 and a half years,” he said.

“I want my marriage to work. A week before my marriage, I left social media. There was a lot of news on Instagram. Partners were fighting each other. I was literally palpitating, asking myself if I was ready for marriage.

“These were people I felt they were really in love, some even having dated for seven years. It was important that I married someone in the entertainment industry, whether radio, film, or movies. It’s a delicate industry.

“You need someone that really understands when you’re out late. When she’s out late, I understand and it’s not an issue. It’s not a struggle to back by 1 am and have a partner who is wondering if there’s lipstick [stain] on you.”

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