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“Almajiri has a PVC” – Comedian, Okey Bakassi says Nigerians with degrees don’t vote



Comedian, Okey Bakassi has shared a message encouraging Nigerians, especially educated Nigerians to register to vote.

Okey Bakassi schooled at the River State University of Science & Technology is also a Nigerian stand-up comedian and actor. He went on to list all the groups of Nigerians with Permanent voters cards but insisted that educated Nigerians should go get their voters card.

The screenshot he shared, partly read, “Almajiri has a PVC, Mai shayi has a PVC…gateman has a PVC, bus driver/conductor have PVC, motor park agberos have PVC.

PVC is an abbreviation for Permanent Voters Card, that enables registered voters to exercise their civic right to vote in the General Elections.

His post reads in parts, “You (a student or a graduate with BSc or MSc holder) with all your education and exposure still don’t have a PVC”.

The media personality added that “the worst thing is that you even try to justify why you don’t have one, ‘my vote won’t count.’ “If votes don’t count, politicians won’t bribe/pay people to vote for them. Go and get your PVC!!!”(sic)

He captioned the post, #realitycheck, Nigeria is planning for the 2023 general elections with politicians declaring their intentions to run for Public offices in the country.

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