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Bobrisky apologizes to Oba of Benin, fans over marriage proposal



Bobrisky, after making a disrespectful remark involving the Oba of Edo state, tenders what seems to be a sincere apology after the rave on social media calling him (Bobrisky) out for being disrespectful.

He shared on his Instagram and Snapchat stories a video that shows him apologizing.

In his “sincerely apologetic” video, the crossdresser reminds his followers he is a playful person and didn’t mean anything by the comments he made.

He stated simply “I play a lot” and “I am really sorry”.

Meanwhile, his host has reportedly chased him back to Lagos.

In a recent viral video, Bobrisky’s supposed hosts in Benin City reveal that the crossdresser took the 12pm flight back to Lagos on Thursday.

The crossdresser however shared a recent video with a location tag that would insinuate he is still in Benin City.


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