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World Drug Report: Nigerians supplying Mpuru Mmiri to South Africa



The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has fingered Nigerian drug syndicate for supplying methamphetamine, locally known as ‘Mpuru Mmiri’ or White Stone, to South Africa.

According to the UN World Drugs Report, the traffickers have set up two major transnational supply routes from Nigeria and Afghanistan through which the deadly narcotic is trafficked to Western Cape Province, South Africa.

The UN report said, “There are also some indications that since late 2019, some of the methamphetamine found in South Africa is also being smuggled from Afghanistan via Pakistan and countries of East and Southern Africa to South Africa, particularly the Western Cape Province.

“Thus, methamphetamine is currently trafficked into South Africa along two major transnational supply routes: one originating in Nigeria and used by Nigerian crime syndicates, and a second originating in Afghanistan that follows traditional heroin routes and is dominated by Pakistani drug trafficking syndicates.”

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