VIO destroys over 1,400 impounded motorcycles in Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Directorate of Road Traffic Services on Thursday crushed over 1,400 impounded motorcycles.

FCT DRTS Director, Mr Wadata Bodinga, said that the commercial motorcycles were seized between January and June from operators within the city centre.

Bodinga said that there were 600 more motorcycles undergoing the process of court forfeiture, adding that they would also be crushed when the process is concluded.

“We have  begun the crushing of seized motorcycles that have been duly forfeited by the court of law.

“There are about 1,500  of them crushed as there are about 600 motorcycles that are undergoing the process of forfeiture, we would also follow the same procedure with these ones.

“We believe this would serve as a deterrence to people who have refused to follow the rules guiding the operation of motorcycles in the FCT,” he said.

The director further said that the crushing of impounded motorcycles would continue until the last commercial motorcycle operating within the FCT is crushed.

The FCT Commissioner of Police, Babaji Sunday, said the exercise would help curtail insecurity in the territory, saying that most of the motorcycles were being used to commit various crimes in the nation’s capital.

“These motorcycles are being used to commit most of the crimes, especially kidnapping, banditry, even within the city centres, they always use these motorcycles as get away and that is why we are crushing them.

“This would help reduce the crime rate seriously,” he said.

Mr Sunday advised those violating traffic laws and perpetrating evil acts with their motorcycles to have a rethink.

“When they are caught they would be made to face the law and their motorcycles would be crushed,” he said.


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