Bishop Kukah says Nigerians “never suffered psychological trauma like we are suffering now” under Buhari

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Mathew Kukah, on Wednesday said Nigerians had never suffered psychological trauma like they are currently experiencing under this current government.

He said this at the inaugural lecture and Gold Prize award ceremony organised by Nigerian newspaper, ‘ThisNigeria Media Limited’.

During the event, the Director-General, Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labour Studies, Issa Aremu, had accused Kukah and other Nigerians of causing division in the country, describing the priest as a divisive figure.

In his response to the accusations, Bishop Kukah said the state had created the division and not Nigerians who are the victims.

He said, “You are sitting here in Nigeria, are you going to pretend that you don’t know that there is iniquity in this country, that we have never suffered psychological trauma like we are suffering now?

“I don’t think anybody is ever going to govern this country with this kind of blatant, unacceptable, literally criminal partisanship. So, when you talk about Bishop Kukah making divisive comments in what sense? I understand that you are now holding a government position; you have a seat at the table that is understandable.

“Suddenly, we have now ended up with a country when you talk about divisiveness. It is the state that has created the division, not us the victims. You’re blaming the victim, everywhere you turn in Nigeria today what are people telling you? We are living with injustice. How do we wake up a sleeping giant, first we must admit that the country is sleeping.”

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